Industry application
Industry Application
  • Traditional optics
    Traditional optical products: mainly produced by traditional cold processing processes such as milling and polishing, including prism, lens, window and filter, which are mainly used in microscope, telescope, projector, camera and other products.
  • Optical communication
    Optical communication products: mainly including molded micro aspheric products, which are mainly used in optical communication photoelectric converter Tosa / Rosa and other fields. Through advanced production technology, Yudi has formed a scale with a monthly production capacity of more than 1000 pieces.
  • Medical application
    Medical products: mainly including micro prism, micro glass spherical / aspherical lens and other products, which are used in medical endoscopy and other fields.
  • Lithographic lighting system
    Lithography lighting system products: including multiple item aspheric lens, multiple item off-axis mirror, etc., which are mainly used for the construction of lighting system.
  • Laser cutting / welding applications
    Laser cutting / welding application products: including collimating lens and other products, which are mainly used for the assembly of cutting lens.
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